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About the Farm

Exotic reptiles Shop is a family owned and operated reptile for sale business that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred reptiles for sale online. With a real biologist on-site, you can buy with confidence that your new pet reptile for sale will arrive overnight the following morning via UPS or FedEx.  Our shipments are well packaged and insulated with heat or cold packs added as needed to provide a safe reliable trip from our captive breeding facility to your home or business. We ship safely Overnight year round.

Exotic reptiles Shop is the cumulative effort of over 35 years of herpetology and marketing experience. We have a love for the animals and an eye for detail and have combined these traits to bring our customers a great reptile buying and keeping experience.


Our Support Team

Our nearly 3,000 square foot facility is brimming with successful breeding projects, healthy animals that are well cared for, and a supportive staff of individuals who are also passionate about reptiles, including…


If you e-mail us at any given time, you’ll be communicating with one of three people—and Edna is one of them. She’s been an absolutely fantastic addition to our team, and has a rock star work ethic. Her favorite pet is her anerythristic Savannah monitor “Nyke,” who is never far from her, even at the office.


The owner and resident chameleon breeder, Sam recently hatched-out 39 Yellow-lip Parson’s chameleons after 577 days of tedious incubation, which is the first time this has occurred on the continent. He’s hatched-out 24 chameleon species in all, as well as countless Leopard geckos, Box turtles, and more.


There’s also a good chance that Meg will be on the other end of an e-mail you send to us. She’s been a very welcome addition to our team, with experience in customer service, a cheerful attitude, and of course a love of animals.


Vansy was surrounded by reptiles growing up, and kept a Corn snake for many years. Her family even had a six-foot Green iguana that roamed the house freely. She has a particular fondness for our resident Leucistic Ball python, which she’s pictured holding to the left.

Nathan Smith


Joe Carter


Laura Palmer


Melissa Cox


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