Where to buy reptiles near me?

Looking for and bringing home a new reptile pet can be a fun, unique, exciting experience. However, as you may have already gathered, finding out where to buy reptiles – especially the one you want – can prove to be a bit of a challenge. With the assistance of our experts, however, you will have a more complete understanding on where to buy the exact pet you want. You will also get a better idea on what to do to prepare for its arrival.

Where To Buy Reptiles

Big-Box Stores

When thinking about where to buy reptiles, chances are that this is the first thing that comes to mind. Large pet stores with a well recognized brand are a common, accessible way to acquire certain reptiles. Normally, you can expect these stores to have a reliable, consistent supply of snakes, lizards, and tortoises. With recent issues in the supply chain, however, many large pet stores have a reduced stock, and may not have the same variety of reptiles that you’re accustomed to.


They’re everywhere and easy to get to.

Will *usually* have a consistent supply of reptiles to buy.


May not carry the highest quality supplies.

The actual quality and health of their stock may vary.

Smaller Shops

Small pet stores are simply independent shops not affiliated with a large label. Every small pet store is different, and will have varying views on what to carry and how to treat their pets for sale. Some may even choose not to sell reptiles at all.


May have a larger variety of animals than big-box chain stores.

Often have a higher standard of quality for the care and health of their supply.

Might have a larger range of supplies.


Not every town has one.

They may be well or poorly run, depending on who’s running things.

Now, it’s true that not every small pet store will necessarily treat their supply better than larger chains. However, these stores often benefit from not being under corporate constraints, and are more free to invest in treating their animals well and giving them individualized care. Especially reptile or aquarium specific stores.

Online Retail

Online reptile stores are an efficient, convenient way to find and buy a variety of rare animals. These stores often cater to experienced and new reptile fanciers alike that are looking for something a bit higher quality than you would see at a physical pet store. Or something that you just wouldn’t see at all, such as exotic, expensive morphs.


Having a supply of hard to find reptiles for sale you may not find elsewhere.

Quality, knowledgeable support.


Paying for shipping/handling.

Having to wait for overnight shipping.

After You’ve Figured Out Where to Buy Reptiles

You’ve done your research, found a pet that just won’t stop tugging at your heartstrings. At this point, you’re just about ready to bring it home. However, it’s important that you not jump the gun just yet. At this point, it’s time that you prepare your home for its arrival. That means getting all of the appropriate supplies together and contacting an exotic vet. If you want to learn more about the variety of pet reptiles available, check out “Types of Reptile Pets“.

Of course, what the “right” supplies are will depend entirely on the pet you bought. Some will have entirely different enclosures and diets from others. In other words, don’t assume you know everything about one animal’s care just because you have experience in raising a different reptile. Raising a gecko is completely different from a snake, for instance. Want to get a better idea of what setting up a reptile habitat looks like? Read “How to Set Up a Ball Python Habitat”.

Of course, finding a specialized exotic vet will also be a priority when asking things like “where to buy reptiles near me”. If you live in a rural area, finding reliable medical care for your reptile may be a challenge. To start, we would recommend talking to reptile enthusiasts near you and seeing who they recommend.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Reptiles Near Me

Understanding where to buy and find reptiles is an important first step in your journey to owning one of these scaly friends. Once you’ve acquired your first one, you are on your way to developing a relationship with a source that may just be able to connect you with the best, newest, coolest animals and supplies.

Remember, there are plenty of stores that have a variety of wonderful reptiles for sale. What will seal the deal for you in the end will be the quality of the establishment and staff, how accessible a certain option is for you, and if they actually have the animal you’re looking for.

Where to buy reptiles near me?

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