Baby Bearded Dragon for sale


Species:Pogona vitticeps Sex:UnsexedLength:6 – 8 inchesDiet:vegetation, prepared diet, insectsImage:Representative Image


Baby Bearded Dragon for sale

Each baby bearded dragon is a great looking lizard that makes for a great pet. Our baby dragons are very well started at the time of purchase. These baby beardies as they are affectionately known are raised on a combination of insects and veggies for optimal health. Our baby dragons are healthy, young specimens raised under optimal conditions that receive daily care by our dedicated staff. Some of the other baby bearded dragon morphs include the citrus and red morphs.

Caring For Your Baby Bearded Dragon

Caring these lizards is as easy as starting with the right setup. We recommend a medium sized terrarium for the young dragons. Start with our bearded dragon substrate which is easy to clean and dust free. For terrarium lighting we recommend a 75 watt or 100 watt basking light depending on the size of the enclosure. The second recommended light is the 10.0 UVB light bulb to simulate the suns UVB rays. Finally a mixture of our flexible reptile vines and jungle vines make a great looking environment for baby beardies.

Baby Bearded Dragon for sale


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