Baby Red Bearded Dragon for sale


Species:Pogona vitticeps Sex:UnsexedLength:6 – 8 inchesDiet:vegetation, prepared diet, insectsImage:Representative ImageSKU:A3103Categories:


Baby Red Bearded Dragon

Each baby red bearded dragon is like no other. Our baby red bearded dragons are some of the nicest specimens around. These baby bearded dragons will grow up to be brighter with every shed. By the time they reach maturity red bearded dragons are an unreal combination of deep red and orange hues. Our baby bearded dragons are raised under optimal conditions and are very well started at the time of purchase. Another amazing looking dragon morph is the citrus bearded dragon.

How to Care For Your Baby Red Bearded Dragon

The best way to start caring for your new red bearded dragon is by having the correct setup. We use a combination of incandescent heat and fluorescent lighting bulbs. The size of the heating lamp depends on the size of the enclosure and can be either a 75 watt or a 100 watt bulb. Use a desert 10.0 uvb bulb for the optimal UVB lighting source. Finish off your setup with a mixture of our dust free bearded dragon substrate and our flexible reptile vine. This combination gives your terrarium a great visual as well as a perfectly functional look.

Baby Red Bearded Dragon for sale


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