Gillian monitor for sale



Gillian monitor for sale

Gillian monitor for sale. We have captive bred Gillian monitors for sale at the best possible prices online with 100% live arrival guarantee. When you buy a Gillian monitor from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.


These are relatively easy monitors to breed. A winter cooling period for a couple of months will help synchronise the reproductive cycles followed by a gradual increase in both temperature and food supply in early spring. Mating will usually take place as soon as the temperatures have started to rise and the first clutches of eggs will be laid in October. Provide a container of moist substrate on the floor of the enclosure preferably with a lid with an access hole for the female to enter for egg-laying. She will often go in and dig some test burrows before actually laying the eggs. It is a good idea to remove the male when the female is close to laying as he may be inclined to eat the eggs if he senses their presence. Females will lay around 2-8 eggs and may produce several clutches over a season about 4-5 weeks apart. The eggs should be incubated at 29-30°C and will take around 90-100 days to hatch. Juveniles are fast and active within a couple of hours of hatching and will soon start actively hunting down small insects.

Gillian monitor for sale


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