Snowmaker Tegu for sale



Snowmaker Tegu for sale


  • Salvator Merianae X Salvator rufescens
  • Captive Born Right Here At Underground Reptiles
  • Males And Females Available
  • Approximately 10 – 14 Inches From Head To Tail
  • Adults Will Average In Sizes Around 3-4 Feet In Length
  • Feeding On Crickets, Super worms, Horn worms, And Roaches. Also Including Cut Up Gizzards, And A Bit Of Ground Turkey
  • These Are 50% Blue, 50% Red And Possible Het Snow & 66% Double Het Albino Anery


  • Overly Cute And Super Friendly Little Lizards That Age Into Big Puppy Dogs With Handling And Care
  • Tegus Can Be Naturally Found All Throughout South America Ranging From Argentina, To Paraguay And Their Neighboring Countries
  • Living In Forest Edge Savannahs, And Rain Forests In South America These Tegus Thrive Off Of Hot Humid Temperatures
  • These Reptiles Are Diurnal Hunters Staying Active During The Day And Sleeping In Burrows At Night
  • With Proper Care These Tegus Can Live 20 – 25 Years In Captivity

We have some beautiful Snowmaker Tegu for sale at the best possible pricing at These impressive lizards will amaze you with their appetites, and can attain an adult length of up nearly four feet. These amazing lizards are ready for breeding, and make excellent pet reptiles. When you buy a tegu from us, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.

Snowmaker Tegu for sale


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