Sulcata Tortoise For Sale


Species:Centrochelys sulcata Sex:UnsexedLength:2-3 inchesDiet:vegetation, prepared dietImage:Representative ImageSKU:A5101Categories:


Sulcata Tortoise For Sale

Each sulcata tortoise for sale is a young, healthy specimen that is housed under optimal conditions. The sulcata tortoise is also known as the African spurred tortoise. These gentle giants grow to be the third largest tortoise in the world. This amazing animal can grow to a massive 30 inches and live as long as 80 years in captivity. Our baby sulcata tortoises for sale are provided the best care possible to ensure you get a healthy well started pet.  If the sulcata gets bigger than what you are looking for, check out our other pet tortoises.

Sulcata Tortoise For Sale


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